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Are you someone who loves to add a touch of luxury to your car? Then you will definitely stand in Read more


Are you someone who loves to add a touch of luxury to your car? Then you will definitely stand in favor of sunroofs because they are really stylish and add a functional unit on the roof of the cars. These sunroofs have special solar glass that neutralizes the intensity of the sunlight entering the car cabin. This does not make the car cabin's temperature too high for passengers and keeps it sufficiently warm and comfortable for the people traveling in the car. The sunroof is also a perfect addition to a car for people who love to go for long drives at night. Now, if you wish to install a sunroof or replace the old with a new piece on your car, then the entire set is easily available for you in different sizes. The sunroof also allows you to receive the GPS signal in a better way by removing the panel in areas where the network is weak.

With a wide range of options from CRL's sunroof, you will not face the issue of potentially high repair costs because they have a very durable sealing gasket that does not get worn out easily with changes in the weather. The hinge of the sunroof is sturdy and holds the load of the solar glass panel in a balanced way and does not fall into the trim abruptly. The risky feature of the sunroof is that they leak after a period of use because the weatherproofing of the sunroof becomes loose, but that is not the case with the sunroof listed on our portal. Starting from the large-sized sunroof to a smaller one with squared shaped trim, you will find the reliable options on our portal that are worth investing money on. There are more than 50 options and you can narrow down your search using our filter.

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CRL RG641HH ES100 Electric Spoiler Sunroof Glass Assembly
$160.60 / Each
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