About Sioux Chief

Manufactures innovative Plumbing products.

Company Profile

Found in 1957, Sioux Chief Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing rough plumbing products. They are a family-owned American corporation that manufactures plumbing products and accessories for commercial, residential, government, and industrial applications.

Sioux Chief proudly calls itself "the rough plumbing armor that helps its users take the field and grow their businesses." The company is based in Peculiar, Missouri, and manufactures and sells products under the Tomahawk brand. 

A True American Innovator

Sioux Chief thinks, acts, and executes differently from other conventional methods that its competitors follow, allowing the company to bring new plumbing ideas to the market and continue innovating.

Making Plumbing Easier

Sioux Chief runs on the principle to make plumbing and its installation easier for its users, manufacturing only the most efficient products.

Innovative Field Search

Sioux Chief conducts innovative field searches for initiation of product innovation and interviews with plumbers, officials, engineers, and distributors.

Turning Ideas into Products

Because Sioux Chief designs and builds its own machines, the process of turning an idea into a product is efficient and affordable--qualities that the company passes along to its customers.

Innovative Community

Sioux Chief's solution-based and intelligent services have established the company as an innovative plumbing community.

Most Diverse Products

Sioux Chief is dedicated to its manufacturing and design processes, providing the most varied line of plumbing products to its users.



14940 Thunderbird Road

Kansas City, Missouri 64147 United States


Email: info@siouxchief.com