About Soss

Manufactures high-quality Door Hardware products.

Company Profile 

At SOSS, we opened the door of innovation with our exceptional Invisible Hinge and our revolutionary UltraLatch. Don’t settle for what’s conventional, let SOSS introduce you to a brand-new way to open your doors! Over the past century, the Soss® name has evolved into the global benchmark for concealed hinges, with its origins dating back to 1903 when a young Romanian immigrant had a moment of inspiration.

With extensive experience, Soss understands the significance of adaptation, evolution, and innovation. As a frontrunner in the industry, the company continuously strives to innovate, recognizing that the needs of the world and businesses are ever-changing. The company’s tireless pursuit and forward-thinking mindset fuel their determination to improve each day.

Our History 

It all began when Joe Soss stumbled over a cargo hatch on a ship during a sea voyage. By the time the vessel docked in New York Harbor, Joe Soss had not only conceived the idea but also constructed a prototype for the world's very first hidden hinge. This concealed hinge quickly gained popularity and found applications in various fields. It became a staple in jewelry cases, humidors, bookshelves that concealed secret rooms, and even in the glove boxes of early model automobiles, notably those manufactured by Henry Ford. 


Renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright admired the clean and unobtrusive appearance of the SOSS® hinge, leading him to specify it for doors in many of his iconic commercial and residential structures. One of the notable examples is Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, widely regarded as one of America's finest private residences. 



Where we Are Today 

Today, SOSS® Invisible Hinges adorn doors on numerous globally recognized landmarks, including the White House, Buckingham Palace, Disneyland, the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, and Esplanade By The Bay in Singapore. 

Commercial buildings and luxury residences have remained at the core of their markets. A wide range of hinge sizes and finishes are distributed through dealers to contractors and high-end hardware stores. 



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