About Southern Grouts & Mortars Inc

Specializing in providing innovative solutions for swimming pools, spas, decks, and installation systems for ceramic tile and dimension stone.


Company Profile
Southern Grouts & Mortars Inc. (SGM, Inc.) has been a global industry leader since 1978, offering innovative finishes for pools, spas, and decks and pioneering installation systems for ceramic tile and dimension stone. Renowned for the Diamond Brite® brand, SGM, Inc. is trusted by distributors, builders, and service professionals worldwide for high-performance solutions. With over four decades of experience, the SGM, Inc. team operates strategically located production facilities in Dallas, Texas; Plant City, Florida; and Pompano Beach, Florida, ensuring efficient domestic and international distribution service. This legacy of quality, innovation, and customer experience positions SGM, Inc. as the go-to choice for successful construction projects.
SGM, Inc. is a leading force in the construction industry, offering an extensive array of cutting-edge products that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of diverse projects. The renowned Diamond Brite brand exemplifies quality and precision, featuring products like cool blue diamond brite, tahoe blue diamond brite, super blue diamond brite, dynamite pool patch, blue quartz diamond brite, bond kote one-step, bond kote liquid resin, french gry diamond brite, powder gry bond kote powder, marlin blue diamond brite, sgm mortar mix, white ultra pearl brite, sapphire bay diamond brilliance, white multi crete thinset, federal white cement, onyx diamond brite, and white glass block mortar. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each product upholds the highest standards, contributing significantly to superior construction outcomes.

Customer-Centric Service

SGM, Inc. takes immense pride in delivering exceptional service that goes beyond industry standards. Our commitment to excellence extends to every facet of our customer interactions, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience. From prompt and efficient order processing to personalized support, we aim to exceed expectations at every touchpoint.

Supporting Your Construction Goals

Equipped with extensive knowledge of the products, the dedicated service team at SGM, Inc. provides expert guidance and assistance. A commitment exists to foster strong customer relationships in addressing inquiries and resolving concerns. At SGM, Inc., service transcends mere transactions; it's a journey marked by collaboration and satisfaction, underscoring an unwavering dedication to supporting customers in achieving construction goals. Each product, from Cool Blue Diamond Brite to Bond Kote Liquid Resin, showcases SGM, Inc.'s commitment to quality. By making them available on DK Hardware, SGM, Inc. ensures convenient access to top-notch construction solutions to its millions of customers.