About Southwire Incorporated

Leading Wire and Cable product developer.

Company Profile 

Found in the year 1937, Southwire Incorporation has been serving quality to all its users. A leader in the industry, Southwire is a leading wire and cable product developer that distributes power through its products and dedication. 

Southwire Incorporated is the leading manufacturer of wire and cable products. Located in North America, Southwire transmits and distributes electricity all over the nation.

North America's Top Manufacturer
Southwire Incorporated is North America's leading developer and manufacturer of wire and cable products. The company offers high-quality products and services to its users.

Southwire Incorporated effectively involves and participates in society as citizens who are responsible and as a business that is transparent.

Best Wire Products
Southwire Incorporated runs on a motto to provide the best wire products to its users around the world.

Sustainable Solutions
Southwire Incorporated strives to provide sustainable solutions to its users with unique and innovative systems that deliver power.

Highly Beneficial Goods
Every product that Southwire develops improves safety and productivity, reduces manpower, and saves time and effort.

Available Universally 

For every two new homes built in America, one among them will have the wires or products from Southwire Incorporated. Southwire distributes electricity throughout the country. 



One Southwire Drive

Carrollton, Georgia 30119 United States