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Product Description

Shipping Weight

60 lb (27.22kg)

The CRL SRP Scratch Removal System offers a revolutionary process that removes scratches quickly and cleanly from virtually any type of glass. From tempered to single strength, right in your shop or on the job site, this system does it all. The hand held tools use a vacuum process in conjunction with a continuous flow of slurry through the machine. With adjustable water jets providing lubrication to keep the machine moving freely over the glass, the flow of slurry provides a constant source of new abrasives. This process keeps the glass cool and allows the tool to reach polishing speeds of 6000 rpm.

The complete PN8930 Scratch Removal System includes: one "Finer" Machine, which performs the grinding or heavy scratch removal; and a Polishing Machine, which performs the polishing or light scratch removal. Each unit comes with its own slurry container and pump to prevent contamination, and for ease of use.

Everything needed to get you up and running is included in the kit, as well as an ample supply of consumable items. A maintenance kit, reference manual and training video complete the package. The complete system gives you the capability to remove any type of scratch, including those made with a glass cutter!
Important Notes
This product can NOT be sold outside the US or Canada. Shipped in two cartons.

Product Reviews 1

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