Innovative mobility solutions 

Stander has been providing advanced and innovative mobility solutions to all its users and positively impacting their lives. 

Updated designs

The updated and unique designs of all the Stander products will add the style quotient to all backdrops of the place. 

Patented Inventions 

With committed team members and innovative technology, Stander has patented some of their inventions. 

Broad range: 
The wide range of Stander products include bed rails, grab bar poles, walkers, pouches, and many more. 

Utah's Fast 50
As one of the fastest growing companies, Stander has been awarded Utah's Fast 50 award for all its contributions to its industry.

Helping Individuals
Stander was created to improve the independent lifestyles of its customers.

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In an effort to help people lead comfortable and independent lives, Stander has created mobility aids that ensure users are comfortable in their own homes. All products are designed to solve mobility and stability issues. 

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Company Profile: 

With a mission to provide its users the experience of freedom, independence, and safety, Stander took its origin. Offering more than 30 mobility solutions, Stander has provided comfort and impacted the user's lives positively. 

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