Leading distributor: 
Strybuc Industries is one of the leading distributors in door and window hardware in the US. They primarily operate from Miami and Philadelphia. 

85,000 SKU: 
With over 85,000 SKU’s in stock, Strybuc Industries have been assisting and supporting their customers since the day they have started, i.e., 1982. 

State-of-the-art equipment: 
Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, Strybuc Industries offers precise machine services. Thus, helpful to the users to customize their products.

Delivering Customer Needs: 
Strybuc Industries has had its primary focus set on delivering customer needs like Quality Products, Competitive Prices, Comprehensive catalogs, and Knowledgeable Staff. 

Wide range of products: 
The wide range of products offered by Strybuc Industries includes sash locks, window repair parts, door rollers, and handles, operators, etc. 

National Distributor: 
Strybuc Industries is a national distributor for practically every OEM provider like Amesbury-Truth, Caldwell, Hoppe, Roto, and many more. 

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Strybuc Industries have the parts that every customer needs to repair your windows or doors. They have stocked over 85,000 hard-to-find parts that fit right in for almost everyone. 

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Company Profile: 

A leading distributor of window and door hardware in the US, Strybuc Industries was found in the year 1982. They are primary suppliers for many businesses throughout the US and surrounding countries. 

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