A Global Provider 

Supra is a renowned global provider of key management solutions for the automotive and industrial sectors.  



Committed Investigation 

All credible reports of security solicitude undergo a thorough investigation that helps users to improve the safety and protection of their surroundings.  




The prime focus of Supra is its customers, and the company stays committed to making a positive impact in their lives.  


Supra always welcomes new ideas and innovations that help the company develop new technologies and intelligent systems. 



Supra is environmentally responsible and believes in maintaining the highest ethical standards towards their work and customers.  


Widely Used 

Supra offers innovative solutions, products, and services to the automotive, real estate, property management, and industrial sectors. 

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Supra is a global provider of cutting-edge electronic lock-box systems. Based in Salem, Oregon, USA, the company ensures innovation and quality in every product that they manufacture. 

Company Profile: 

After releasing the first lock box system in 1955, Supra has never lost its focus and grew its market steadily. Even after more than 60 years, their efficiency and quality have been unbreached and made them a worldly renowned company. 

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