Offering a wide range specialized cleaners, waterproofing solutions, and a variety of waterproofing stains.

Company Profile

Thompson's WaterSeal, an outdoor maintenance trailblazer, preserves excellence with its innovative product range. Originating from the ground-breaking Timber Oil by polymer chemist Edward Addis Thompson in the 1920s, it evolved into the renowned Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer, initially embraced by construction firms. Recognizing the trend of deck construction, the brand expanded to consumers in 1982, marking the birth of deck protection.

With a rich history and a commitment to innovation, the brand is a leader in identifying industry trends and embracing emerging technologies. Thompson's WaterSeal continues to evolve, responding to consumer needs with innovative products for diverse outdoor care requirements.

Thompson's WaterSeal offers a comprehensive line of products, encompassing specialized cleaners, waterproofing solutions for various surfaces, and a range of Waterproofing Stains that seamlessly combine wood stain and sealer. The Timber Oil series, featuring Penetrating Timber Oils in Transparent Cedar, Teak, and Mahogany variations, exemplifies the brand's dedication to enhancing wood surfaces. Thompson's WaterSeal provides the 3-IN-1 Deck Cleaner for effective outdoor space maintenance, ensuring spaces remain pristine. The Fabric Seal Waterproofing Spray also contributes to water resistance, providing an extra layer of protection for various surfaces. The line-up further includes Waterproofer Wood Protectors, Waterproofer Plus Clear Wood Protectors, and Solid Color Wood Sealers. Whether opting for Transparent Clear Oil-Based, Semi-Transparent Cedar Oil-Based, or Semi-Transparent Teak and Redwood Oil-Based options, each category underscores the brand's commitment to excellence and meeting diverse consumer needs.
Innovation, Quality, and Service
At Thompson's WaterSeal, a robust emphasis on service intertwines seamlessly with product excellence and innovation. The continual enhancement of our offerings ensures that you can access the most effective and cutting-edge solutions for preserving and beautifying your outdoor spaces. This commitment to service goes beyond the transaction, fostering an enduring relationship with customers as they embark on their outdoor care journey.
Experience Unparalleled Service
At Thompson's WaterSeal the commitment to service stands as the cornerstone of our ethos. Delivering top-notch customer service that consistently surpasses expectations is our pride. Explore our diverse product range on DK Hardware, where a seamless shopping experience and secure transactions await you.