Townsteel is a leading manufacturer of high-level security locking systems. Townsteel has provided convenience and ease of security control with a wide range of products that it offers. 

Company Portfolio: 

For over 30 years, Townsteel has been a leading manufacturer of security locking systems. Loaded with quality and excellence, Townsteel has positively impacted the lives of all the users or customers. 


Enhanced Security: 
Townsteel and the series of products that it offers have been providing enhanced personal and guest security to all its users.

Unique Management: 
The exclusive access control management systems of the Townsteel's products provide a high-level of security and safety to the users. 

Easy and Efficient Support: 
Whatever may be the query, the support team of Townsteel is ready to help and do their best to make your purchase journey easy and efficient. 

Designed to protect:   
All the product designs from Townsteel help to improve the protection and enhance the safety of the surroundings.  

Vast range: 
Townsteel offers products ranging from commercial-grade locks to access control systems that are of superior quality. 

All our products boast quality and excellence. Thus, making us a BHMA-certified architectural hardware manufacturer.