Manufacturing quality in the heart of Michigan.

Quality-focused: Tribal MFG is a machining and manufacturing company that has its prime focus on the quality of the goods we offer. Their products make an exceptional equipment list. 

Unmatched Reputation: Tribal MFG has built a unique and unsurpassed reputation for themselves for the quality products and efficient machining operations that we provide.  

Fast and automated: We, at Tribal MFG with our vast equipment list and the experience of working in the multi-generational industry, call ourselves fast and automated.  

Remarkable product list: The accessories offered by Tribal MFG range from plumbing fittings, gas fittings to brass fittings that are tariff-free and fittings to OEM customers.

Manufacturing Plants: Tribal MFG operates in two machining and manufacturing plants located in Michigan and South Carolina. The company also has facilities in Missouri. 

ISO Certified: Tribal MFG is an ISO certified company that is built on the principles of providing quality products and proudly call ourselves a quality manufacturer from Michigan.

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We empower our people in making the right decisions and bring out the best for our users. Tribal MFG has gone above and beyond to provide quality products at competitive prices and have a positive impact on their user’s lives.  

Company Profile:  

Tribal MFG is an ISO Certified machining and manufacturing company with an extraordinary equipment list and world-class infrastructure. Located in the heart of Michigan, USA, we proudly call ourselves a quality manufacturer. 


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