Trine Access Technology is considered as the home of the smallest electric strikes in the world and an innovator in the field of electric strikes  


Innovator of electric strikes: 

Trine Access Technology are the innovators in the field of electric strikes for almost 70 years and providing solutions for installers and locksmiths.

Quality without question:  

They follow a saying “Quality without question” and offer high-quality products and top services to all its users. 

Smallest Electric Strikes:  

Trine Access Technology has developed and created the smallest electric strikes in the world and the only outdoor electric strike in North America. 

 Innovative design and development:  

Dedicated to its motto of providing innovative product design, Trine has provided development and brilliant customer service. 

 Flexible and Durable:  

All the products from Trine Access Technology are built to adapt and last longer. They make installations look easy. 

Vast range of accessories: 

The line of accessories from Trine Access Technology consists of door chimes, low voltage transformers, and many more.