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When it comes to the efficiency of the truck, a lot of credit goes to the accessories you install over Read more


When it comes to the efficiency of the truck, a lot of credit goes to the accessories you install over it. Every truck comes with all the basic accessories attached to it, but what enhances the features depend on the level to which you upgrade your accessories. These little investments on your truck make it easier to use it for industrial use and in large factories. Whether you are determined to equip your truck for carrying glass panels or you want to add a water storage container that can keep the water cool, there are accessories to help you with all these upgradations. Usually, when workers go from one location to another where resources are not completely available, it is important to carry enough drinking water to the job site. This is where the huge 5-gallon water cooler comes into play and allows you to work relentlessly from morning to evening.

You can also install a water cooler mounting rack on your truck to make sure there is no spilling of water outside the container. Along with the water cooler container, you will also require a good number of cups and a cup dispenser. At DK Hardware, we have listed these necessities that can be added on the truck and make the journey comfortable for the entire crew. Alongside these accessories, a wheel step is necessary to help the old-aged workers and drivers climb the trucks that have seats at a certain height. Pick up racks to be installed on the rear window is also available on our portal along with sunroof trim ring for the ceiling of the car. Porthole window with tinted tempered glass is exclusively curated for trucks with air-conditioned interior and protects the pollutants and heat from entering the cabin. For more details about the products and their operation, you can contact our online executive.

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E-Z Edger EZM100 Black Pickup Truck Rear Window Rack
$23.29 / Pair
Igloo 000451 5 Gallon Water Cooler
$74.45 / Each
Igloo 025042 Cooler Truck Mount Rack
$121.03 / Each
CRL SL493 Wheel Step
$75.79 / Each
CRL TS202 Black Bed-Hopper Tailgate Step
$94.37 / Each
Igloo 008242 4.25 Oz. Cup Dispenser
$36.58 / Each
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