Company Profile

UltraWiz was founded about 30 years ago when Al Nilsson and since then, they have been creating and manufacturing blades that meet high-quality standards and are long-lasting. All the products available are 100% made in the U.S.A.

A journey that started from a request from a glass shop owner who asked to create a strong blade, Ultrawiz Tools has been providing resilient and long-lasting blades for its users for over thirty years now.  

Changing the Industry
The blades from Ultrawiz Tools are changing the industry for its extra gripping power and comfort that it offers to its users.

Advanced Engineering 
All the products are designed with advanced engineering techniques and help users to perform their desired activities.  

Unique Coining Process 
The products offered from Ultrawiz Tools undergo a special coining process that helps to thin the metal and make products ready to use.  

Heat-treated blades
All blades undergo extreme heating and meet the Ultrawiz Tools’ promise of providing high quality and standard blades.

Steel Construction
The variants from Ultrawiz Tools are made from sturdy steel that makes the blades reliable, durable, and comfortable to all the users.  

Improved Flexibility 
The blades help in providing additional reach and improve cutting flexibility. They help in confident cutting from any position.