Ward on Board.

A Plumbing Revolution: 
With their timesaving and cost-saving techniques and products, Ward Manufacturing have revolutionized the gas plumbing industry. 

All American made: 
Having the Head Quarters at Pennsylvania, Ward Manufacturing is rooted in traditional American manufacturing and manufacture all American made products. 

Vast Range of Products: 
They offer various products such as drainage systems, sprinkler systems, unions, clamps, plugs& bushings and many more 

Generations of Expertise: 
Being involved for over 90 years, Ward Manufacturing has been an expert in offering quality, reliable and durable products. 

Advanced Engineering: 

Ward Manufacturing, along with their advanced engineering techniques and technologies have developed products, services and people associated to it. 

Extra Strong Products: 
The Ward Manufacturing products are built to last. They are specially designed to stay extra strong and comfort all its users 

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All the products offered by Ward Manufacturing undergo intense metallurgical and inspecting process controls that are further analyzed and inspected to offer its users durable and reliable products.

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Company Profile: 
Established in the year of 1924, in Pennsylvania, Ward Manufacturing has been a revolution in the field of plumbing for its quality and customer convenient products. They have mixed innovation and tradition in their products and have been a pioneer in the plumbing industry for over 90 years. 

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