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In any piping system where water flows at high speeds is suddenly stopped by a quick closing cut off valve, Read more


In any piping system where water flows at high speeds is suddenly stopped by a quick closing cut off valve, then it generates a shock wave. This is due to the immediate stoppage of any non-compressible liquid like water flowing at high speed and a given pressure causing a sudden increase in peak pressure called water hammer. Appliances like dishwashing machines, washing machines, etc. have fast cut off valves, and therefore, the water hammer effect can cause damage to these appliances. Water hammer arrestors are devices to absorb these shock waves, thereby ensuring the longevity of the piping system in these appliances. They have a sealed air chamber system which takes care of the shock waves. As the air chamber is leak-proof, air doesn't get mixed with the water. Water hammer arrestors are essential devices in the piping system to prevent leakages from any potential leak points

The Shock Buster Water Hammer from IPS Corporation is a lead-free 1/4 inch. X 1/4 inch compression tee arrestor. It is a UPC listed, and ASSE 1010 certified IPC compliant product. This product is designed to prevent pipes and appliances from getting damaged by controlling the water pressure shock. Another product here is the MIP Hammer Arrestor from Watts can be installed in new or existing plumbing systems. It has a ½-inch NPT connection for easy installation. The MIP Hammer Arrestor is factory pre-charged to 30 psi (207 kPa). The product has a molded diaphragm with a special thermoplastic coating that prevents corrosion. Other products in this category are Washer Box with Hammer Arrestor, Shock Buster Hammer Arrestor for Washing Machines, and more. For further information regarding the products in this category, kindly connect with our executives online.

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Watts 0121227 1/2 in. MIP Hammer Arrestor Lead Free
$68.66 / Each
IPS Corporation 85701 Washer Box with Hammer Arrestor
$94.54 / Each
IPS Corporation 86601 1/2 in. Male Sweat Arrestor
$23.01 / Each
Sioux Chief 660-V2B 1/2 in. CPVC Socket Mini-Rester
$18.66 / Each
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