About Waterline Renewal Technologies

Providing engineered products used in trenchless storm water and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation.



Company Profile 

Waterline Renewal Technologies is an industry leader in providing engineered products used in trenchless storm water and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation through its brands LMK Technologies, APM, Perma-Liner Industries, and Moray Group. The brand provides trenchless rehabilitation of degraded infrastructure through differentiated products, technologies, and services, to prevent inflow and infiltration of sewer systems and potable water pipelines.

Waterline Renewal Technologies is focused on technologies, products, and services in the trenchless rehabilitation industry. The brand's engineered, patented products, technologies, and services are focused on long-lasting solutions that prevent the infiltration and inflow of potable water and wastewater systems for residential customers and municipalities. You can check out a range of Waterline Renewal Technologies products here at DK Hardware. 

Core Values 

Waterline Renewal Technologies is dedicated to upholding its five core values: integrity, involvement, improvement, ingenuity, and intensity. The brand has built a business that helps its clients achieve their goals for their markets and communities. 


Proudly Made in the U.S.A 

Waterline Renewal Technologies manufactures products for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal use. The company's product lines are designed, manufactured, built, and supported in the United States of America! The quality of their products is best in class, and you can trust the brand to be there for you if and when you need support on this system.