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About Whirlpool Corporation

Manufactures Home Appliances for the Kitchen and Laundry industry.

Company Profile   

Whirlpool Corporation's founder, Benton Harbor, developed a patent electric-driven wringer washer with the team in the company's early days. The company established such a strong reputation in Home appliances that Brastemp became synonymous with high quality in Brazil. The company is committed to becoming the best in Kitchen and Laundry industry. In an increasingly digital world, the organization pursues deliberate innovation to satisfy consumers' changing requirements.  

Whirlpool Corporation makes products that add value to the customers and help them save time. The brand has a global presence, and with research centers at different locations, the brand develops dynamic, well-researched products to fulfill the needs of its customers. Find a whole range of products from Whirlpool Corporation at DK hardware here. 

54 Manufacturing & Technology Research Centers 

The brand works toward making the customer's daily life simple and more accessible with new and innovative products. Employees at Whirpool Corp believe in thinking out of the box to develop a unique approach to products, collaborations, and services that create sustained value.


Values of Whirpool Corp   

Behind every innovation, launch, and research that happens in the company, the company's values drive everything. These values funnel every product we make for the customers to experience excellence and comfort. Also, the company works toward taking a sustainable approach by reducing the amount of water and energy. 

Global Locations   

Whirlpool Corporation is a global network of small communities that leverages its large scale while catering to the diverse consumer demands of the nations it serves. According to the regions, the brand works on different customers' needs according to the location to develop dynamic devices. 


Innovation at the Pace of Life    

Whirlpool Corporation works towards saving a lot of time for the customers using the products to invest time in something that matters. At DK Hardware, you can get your hands on these innovative products from Whirlpool Corporation, such as Microwave Light Socket, 30 Amp Dryer Cord, Access Key for Commercial Laundry, and many more.