About Whitehall Manufacturing

Crafting top-quality Home Decor items.





Company Profile

For generations, Whitehall has been crafting top-quality home decor items for customers around the globe. Nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan, we've established our home base, where we continue to produce cutting-edge designs that embrace current trends and set new ones. Widely recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of weathervanes and personalized address plaques, Whitehall also excels in creating premium mailboxes and home & garden accents.

When the products you craft hold meaningful value and your solutions exude timeless style, you create a recipe for enduring appeal. At Whitehall, our products, whether they made their debut in 1941 or just last week, are meticulously designed to meet people's needs. This is why, decades after their introduction, our greatest successes remain relevant and valuable, even years after their purchase.

Our Heritage

Across generations, Whitehall has been dedicated to creating high-quality home decor products that delight customers worldwide. As the world's foremost producer of weathervanes and custom address plaques, Whitehall is a premier mailbox and home & garden accents manufacturer.

Quality Products

Our manufacturing facilities employ the finest and most sustainable materials, adhering to world-class lean practices to ensure quality and tailor each order to your precise specifications. Every Whitehall product undergoes rigorous durability testing to guarantee a lifetime of use. Whitehall takes great pride in maintaining a highly efficient production process that minimizes energy consumption and reduces post-production waste generation.