Leading Agribusiness Group.

Company Profile

Established in 1991 and headquartered in Singapore, Wilmar International Limited has become Asia's foremost agribusiness group. At the heart of Wilmar's strategic vision lies an integrated agribusiness model that spans the entire agricultural commodity value chain. This encompasses activities ranging from cultivating and milling palm oil and sugarcane to processing, branding, and distributing a diverse array of edible food products. These products are available in consumer, medium, and bulk packaging and also encompass animal feeds and industrial agricultural products such as oleochemicals and biodiesel.

Sustainability is an integral facet of our business, essential for safeguarding our company's future and creating shared value for our consumers, stakeholders, and shareholders. We are dedicated to pursuing a responsible and sustainable palm oil supply chain that fosters livelihoods and opportunities for rural communities. To achieve this, Wilmar adopts a holistic approach to sustainability, seamlessly integrating it into our business model. Our business practices adhere to universally accepted social and environmental standards. A cornerstone of Wilmar's sustainability strategy is our No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) policy, which extends across our global operations, including our joint-venture partners and third-party suppliers.

Robust Distribution Network

With over 500 manufacturing plants and a robust distribution network encompassing China, India, Indonesia, and approximately 50 other countries and regions, Wilmar leverages its scale, integration, and logistical advantages to capture value at every value chain stage. This strategy results in operational synergies and cost efficiencies.

Global Leader

From its modest origins, Wilmar has emerged as a global leader in various sectors, including the processing and merchandising of edible oils, oilseed crushing, sugar merchandising, milling and refining, production of oleochemicals, specialty fats, palm biodiesel, flour milling, rice milling, and consumer pack oils.