Wood's Powr-Grip AUMR411LAC 700 Pound Manual Rotator - Australia

Item #: AUMR411LAC by CR Laurence

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Wood's Powr-Grip AUMR411LAC 700 Pound Manual Rotator - Australia

Item #: AUMR411LAC by CR Laurence

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  • 360º Continuous Edgewise Rotation
  • Economical Lifter for Production Line Use
  • Excellent Choice for Edger and Beveller Users


Laurel, MT.


This product can expose you to LEAD, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

This Wood's 700 Pound Powr-Grip® Manual Rotator is a great choice when you need maximum ease in the manipulation of heavy loads. It combines manual 360 degree rotation, and fast attach/release times, making them ideal on high-output production lines.
Standard Pad Spread:
CAT. NO. MR49AC: 24" x 30" (610 x 762 mm)
CAT. NO. MR411LAC: 26" x 32" (661 x 813 mm)
CAT. NO. MR4HV11AC: 25" x 31" (636 x 788 mm)
Number/Size of Pads:
CAT. NO. MR49AC: 4/9" (229 mm) Diameter
CAT. NO. MR411LAC: 4/11" (280 mm) Diameter Lipped
CAT. NO. MR4HV11AC: 4/10" (254 mm) Diameter Lipped
Lifting Capacity:
CAT. NO. MR49AC: 500 Lbs. (227 kg)
CAT. NO. MR411LAC: 700 Lbs. (318 kg)
CAT. NO. MR4HV11AC: 600 Lbs. (272 kg)
(On smooth, non-porous surfaces. Please contact us for recommendations on other surfaces.)
Average Unit Weight: 61 Lbs. (28 kg)
Standard Operating Power: 120V AC, 60 Hz, 5 AMP(100V AC, 60 Hz, 3 AMP and 240V AC, 60 Hz, 2 AMP also available)
Apply/Release Times:
CAT. NO. MR49AC: one sec./one sec. (approx.)
CAT. NO. MR411LAC: two sec./two sec. (approx.)
Load Movement: Manual rotation, 360 degrees edgewise with automatic locking at the quarter points.
Standard features:
Vacuum Gauge
Vacuum Reserve Tank
Vacuum Line Filter
Spring-Mounted Pads
Twist-lock Electrical Plug
Blow-off for Quick Release
Available Options:

  • Air (Venturi) Power System
    CAT. NO. MR49A1R
    CAT. NO. MR411LA1R
    CAT. NO. MR4HV11A1R
  • Individual Pad Shutoffs
    CAT. NO. CM1C0WB
  • Green Lift Light
    CAT. NO. E02GSL
  • Vacuum Loss Warning Buzzer
    CAT. NO. E03VLW
  • Voltage Adaptation
    CAT. NO. E06VA
  • Closed Cell Foam Pad Rings
    CAT. NO. FRHV11 (Available on CAT. NO. MR4HV11AC only)
  • Linear Pad Frame
    CAT. NO. CF8LF0
    For special sizes and capacities, please contact our Glass and Glazing Technical Sales.