Prominent supplier in the Green Packaging Industry.

Company Profile

World Centric's inception was rooted in a mission to combat economic inequality and environmental harm through education and community networks. Established in 2004 as a non-profit organization by Aseem Das, its initial funding came from a small online store that promoted Fair Trade products. Recognizing the significant role compostable items played in waste reduction, they were included in the store's inventory. As the demand for eco-friendly alternatives to conventional disposables increased, World Centric embarked on a journey of innovation, introducing its products crafted from renewable resources and agricultural byproducts. Unintentionally, this transition led us to become a prominent supplier in the green packaging industry.

World Centric® stands out not just for delivering top-tier certified compostable products but also for wholeheartedly embracing sustainability as a guiding principle. We go beyond by extending our support to grassroots organizations and nonprofits through contributions of both products and financial aid. Additionally, we champion fair wages, ensure ethical working conditions in our manufacturing facilities, and power our offices exclusively with renewable energy sources.

Contributing to a Better World

Our choices are a reflection of our commitment to the well-being of our world. In the face of our time's social and environmental challenges, we have opted to pursue our vision for a thriving global community. Through our product offerings, carbon-giving program, and partnerships, we harness the power of business to contribute to a better world.

Attaining Certification

Understanding the transformative potential of commerce in shaping the planet's future, World Centric transitioned into a for-profit social enterprise in 2009. 2010, we attained B Corp certification, converting into a California Benefit Corporation. This transition empowered us to utilize our products and profits as a force for positive change in the world.