Company Profile 

Zircon Corporation is established and operating in Northern California since 1975. The brand’s commitment to designing and developing innovative products, including metal detectors, electronic stud finders, and electrical scanners is unrivalled. The brand’s roots as a precision technology company were planted in 1975 when it opened its doors as a manufacturer of innovative LED watches. In 1980, using its experience in consumer electronics, the company debuted the revolutionary StudSensor™ stud finder, which placed Zircon on the map as a true innovator in the hand tool and hardware world. The brand has made its mission to provide affordable, accurate, and easy-to-use electronic tools for DIYers and professionals.

Zircon's line of innovative, high-quality, long-lasting tools is the number one choice for DIYers and professionals alike. Although Zircon continues to set industry standards, exceeding its standards is what continues to make it the electronic hand tool leader. Find a range of products from Zircon here at DK Hardware.

Strong Commitment to R&D 

Zircon has a diverse team of engineers who handle verything from industrial design to custom chip design. The brand's focus is on developing easy-to-use tools that solve everyday problems of its customers. Zircon was the first to introduce new, patented technologies such as DeepScan® Mode, WireWarning® Detection, Over-the-Stud Indication, CenterVision® Technology, ACT™ Auto Correcting Technology, and more. 


Attention to Design 

Zircon believes that any good tool should feel like an extension of your hand. Thats why it significantly emphasizes real-world applications when developing the tools. from the battery door to the power button, to every curve and angle, is scrutinized to have an ideal ergonomic grip, viewing angle, and pivot points.