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From tissue holders to push/pull handles and showerheads or door seals, bathroom hardware includes a range of finishing details that can make a significant difference in the bathroom’s practicality and design structure. In the hospitality industry where guests are constantly checking in at your hotel rooms, you need to maintain a furnished bathroom that gives a sense of comfort to your guests. At DK Hardware, you will find a comprehensive range of bathroom hardware to support your domestic as well as commercial restroom requirements. There are excellent bathtubs and shower enclosure systems from top brands like Delta Enterprises, Liberty Hardware, and Kohler. The sliding glass shower enclosures to bathtubs are a common sight in American households, hotels and other living spaces that makes the bathroom more equipped.

From frameless shower enclosures to groove shower walls, there are different options to suit a host of environments and bathroom sizes. The frameless systems help if you wish to create a clean all-glass theme in your bathrooms and to make their installation easy, you will find everything from glass bumpers to doorknobs, door sweeps, and roller assemblies on our portal. The door seals and wipes are your go-to products that attach themselves to the door to ensure that there is no water leakage from the shower enclosures. These products are most popular at luxury hotels and resorts where aesthetics is as important as functionality. We have different options in bathtubs including freestanding bathtubs and drop-in bathtubs that fit in almost all types of bathrooms regardless of the size. Along with enclosures and bathtubs, the replacement parts such as bolts, brackets, clamps, and other installation accessories that make it easy to install and repair these systems are also available. 

There is a huge selection of doorknobs, push/pull signs, towel bars, toilet paper holders, and other bathroom accessories that are both functional and stylish. You may purchase bathroom hardware in sets, or you can mix and match products in a similar finish. The products we offer are available in a wide variety of finishes including chrome and polished brass. When it comes to quality, be assured that the products remain durable for years! The selection has products manufactured by top brands like 3M, CR Laurence, Amerock, etc; and they have been professionally tested for their strength and breaking point. Have a pleasant experience choosing your bathroom hardware - with vintage and modern-inspired styles to transform the vibe of your space. In this category, you will be able to find all types of bathroom hardware, whether you are looking for decorative accessories or small supportive hardware.

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