Reduce your worries, and complete your plumbing projects with exclusive products like, faucet gaskets, seals, washers, and more.

Company Profile 

For nearly a century, Keeney Holdings LLC has been a beacon of innovation and excellence in the plumbing industry, headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut. Since its establishment in 1923, Keeney has been synonymous with quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, earning a distinguished reputation as a leader in plumbing solutions.

In a transformative move in 2020, Keeney Holdings LLC was acquired by Oatey, a significant player in the plumbing manufacturing sector. This strategic acquisition, Oatey's largest to date, not only reinforced Keeney's market presence but also heralded the return of injection molding capabilities to the United States, marking a significant milestone in plumbing manufacturing.

A Comprehensive Range of Premium Products

Keeney stands out for its comprehensive product portfolio, offering a diverse array of tubular drainage products including coin air valves, under-sink drainage systems, quarter-turn valves, bath drains, toilet repair parts, and faucet repair parts. As one of the few domestic tubular drainage product manufacturers in the U.S., Keeney is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that align with Oatey's vision of minimizing manufacturing footprint while maximizing product excellence.

Exemplary Brand Recognition and Commitment to Service

With over 90 years of industry experience, Keeney enjoys widespread recognition and esteem in both wholesale and retail plumbing markets. Renowned for its innovative solutions and steadfast commitment to quality, Keeney has set the standard for excellence in plumbing manufacturing. Through its website and mobile app, Keeney provides accessible resources and unparalleled customer service, empowering professionals and enthusiasts alike with the tools they need for success.

Experience Excellence with Keeney Holdings LLC

Discover the unparalleled quality, innovation, and reliability that define Keeney Holdings LLC. With a legacy of excellence spanning generations and backed by Oatey's industry-leading expertise, Keeney is your trusted partner of DK Hardware for all your plumbing needs. Whether you're a professional plumber or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, trust Keeney to deliver premium solutions that exceed expectations and elevate your projects to new heights.