Company Profile 

SYMN is a family-owned and operated business established by Patrick Simon in 2007. The brand is a firm believer in the potential of complete change. That’s why it is so passionate about Paint SCENTsations—a unique additive that changes how you experience a freshly painted space. An excellent way of revitalizing a space is with a new coat of paint. However, your attempts at restoration may be tough to appreciate due to the paint and inhabitant scents. Our line of scented paint and odor-controlling goods, including Paint SCENTsations, provides a special and practical solution.

According to Paint Scentsations, every resident should enjoy the sensation of newly painted areas, and clean kitchens should continue to smell fresh for months. The power of profound transformation lies in that. With a range of scents to choose from, you can quickly eliminate aromas, such as paint odors, and add a fresh scent to your space. The aroma will easily last for around three months, thanks to the high-quality products at Paint Scentsations. This makes them perfect for homeowners, landlords, and shop owners. You can find a range of products from Paint Scentsationshere at DK Hardware.

Transform Your Place 

Paint Scentsations assists you in delivering on the expectation of transformation with the fresh smells and deodorizing strength of Paint SCENTsations products, whether you are reviving a place for your family, tenants, or clients. 


Exceptional Product Line 

Paint Scentsationsis is known for manufacturing some of the best painting products in the world. The paint scent additive display is perfect for turning paint into a long-lasting air freshener and eliminating odors. It is ideal for smoke, pet, and cooking odors. The company also offers bottle treats that will help you add freshness to your room without affecting the color or performance of the paint.