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The plumbing system has its origination in ancient Greek, Roman, Indian, Persian, and Chinese cities. The development of public baths needed portable water and wastewater removal. It was and is a system that conveys fluids using pipes, valves, tanks, and other apparatuses. Plumbing is a critical infrastructural setup that is vital to public health and sanitation. Over hundreds of years of development and change in the living styles of people, the plumbing system has also modernised and become more equipped.

The plumbing equipment offered in this category includes devices such as Pipe Clamps and Support, Garbage Disposal and Accessories, Sink Installation and Repair Parts, etc. Whether you are thinking and planning to set up a new plumbing system in a building or renovating and remodelling the old one, the products in this category will provide an end to end solution. The plumbing equipment is often behind the wall or in the utility area that is not visible to the general public. You know more about these products kindly explore the filter on the left side.

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