Von Duprin Extra Protection Rim Exit Device Bright Chrome

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Von Duprin XP99L-05 3 US26 RHR Von Duprin Extra Protection Rim Exit Device Bright Chrome

Item #: XP99L-05 3 US26 RHR by Von Duprin

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  • Device Functions Device ships EO/DT/NL. Field selectable. For TP,K,or L remove NL drive screw from device
  • Device Lengths 3´ 2´4˝ to 3´ (711mm to 914 mm) Door Size 4´ 2´10˝ to 4´ (864 mm to 1219 mm) Door Size
  • Strikes 909 – Panic and Fire Single Door 954 — Mullion Fire
  • Dogging Feature Hex key dogging standard
  • Dogging Options CD Cylinder Dogging SD Special Center Case Dogging LD Less Dogging
  • Electric Options RX Pushpad Monitor Switch* (Consult factory) RX2 Double Pushpad Monitor Switch* E Electric Locking & Unlocking ALK Alarm Exit Kit*
  • Miscellaneous Options -2 Double Cylinder* GBK Glass Bead Kit
  • Fasteners & Includes 1 ³₄˝ (19mm) – 2 ¹₄˝ (57mm) Wood & Metal Doors Sex Bolts (SNB) Optional SNB available for device, see next page for quantities
  • Latch Bolt Deadlocking, ³₄˝ (19mm) throw
  • Device Centerline from 39 ¹³₁₆˝ (1011 mm) Finished Floor 39 ¹¹₁₆˝ (1008 mm) with Mullion
  • Center Case Dimensions 8˝ x 2³₄˝ x 2³₈˝ (203mm x 70mm x 60mm)
  • Mechanism Case Dimensions 2¹₄˝ x 2¹₄˝ (57mm x 57mm) Projection Pushbar Neutral – 3 ¹³₁₆˝ (97 mm) Pushbar Depressed – 3 ¹₁₆˝ (78 mm)


Bright Chrome

Color Code



Right Hand Reverse

Grade 1 Extra Protection Rim Exit Device, Wide Stile Pushpad, 36", Classroom, Lever with Escutcheon, Hex Key Dogging, Bright Chrome Finish, Right-Hand Reverse

XP98/99 Rim exit devices are designed for single and double doors with mullion that require increased security. The XP latch provides twice the static load force resistance of standard exit devices. The "smart" latch changes shape when subjected to external forces. This design enables the exit door to withstand an external attack and remain secure. Additionally, the patented latch bolt design provides greater, longer-lasting latch bolt to strike contact which is not easily affected by the twisting motion of a weakened frame, resulting in an opening that will remain strong. Devices are ANSI A156.3 - 2014 Grade 1 and UL listed for panic exit hardware. The rim device is non-handed except when the following device options are used: SD (special dogging) or -2 (double cylinder). See Opposite page for available outside trim and device functions. Covers stock hollow metal doors with 86 or 161 cutouts on single doors (may cover cutouts on pairs - consult template).

XP99 rim exit devices are for all types of single and double doors with mullion.

UL listed for accident hazard installations. Covers stock hollow metal doors with 86 or 161 cutouts.