About Watts Water Technologies, Inc

Offers high-quality water-related solutions.

Company Profile:  

A global provider of water quality and plumbing related solutions, Watts Water Technologies have made their mark in the spheres of industrial, residential, commercial, and municipal settings. They offer the most varied product lines in the world.

Watts Water Technologies has always helped its users by giving them their water-related solutions and connect with them. They have even helped in saving time, resources, and hassles. Find a range of products from Watts here at DK Hardware.

High-quality solutions: 
Watts Water Technologies provides solutions for all the water-related, flow control & plumbing related problems.  

Makes Life easy: 
With the solutions and services Watts Water Technologies, they make life easy for all its users and customers all over the world.  

Responsible Organization: 
They have been named as one of America’s most responsible companies of 2020 for the safety and highest regard they offer for social responsibility.

Operated Globally: 
Having their headquarters in North Andover, Watts Water Technologies are operated in America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. 

Committed to customers: 
From day one, Watts Water has always been committed to offering their users comfort, convenience, and safety and have stuck to it.  

Improved Comfort: 
Efficiency and comfort are enhanced around users’ surroundings when they use products from Watts Water Technologies.  



815 Chestnut Street

North Andover, Massachusetts 01845 United States


Email: onewattswater@wattswater.com

+1 978-688-1811