AEGIS’s first windshield repair kit was invented in 1982 by Robert Birkhauser for his family’s auto business. Since then, AEGIS has designed innovative glass installation and repair tools.  

Windshield Repair Kits 

AEGIS’s windshield repair kits are accessible, durable, and efficient. Don’t settle for low-quality repairs with high billsour windshield repair kits are an affordable means to professional results. 

Resin Products 

Fix all kinds of cracks and pits with our high-viscose resin products. We offer resin syringes, resin bottles, and resin tool kits engineered for half-moon and bull’s eye breaks

Auto-Glass Installation Tools 

Aegis has a comprehensive collection of affordable products to meet all your auto-glass installation tool needs, from door clip removers to cleaning brushes, panel mounts, and more.

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AEGIS Tools International, Inc. is a small, family-run business located in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, in the Madison area. AEGIS products are sold worldwide through a network of distributors and our website. Our specialties are custom-configured windshield repair kits, and tools to make glass installations safer and more efficient.  AEGIS prides itself on using components that are made in the Midwest and assembled at and shipped from our Wisconsin production facility.

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