Windshield Repair Kits 

Simple to set up, efficient to use, and easy to clean – AEGIS Windshield Repair Kits complete their tasks in as little as five minutes. 


From crack fills to pit fillers and polymers, the resins offered by AEGIS feature high viscosity, engineered specifically for half-moon and bull's eye breaks. 


From carbide burs to O rings and insert seals, AEGIS provides a number of windshield repair supplies to serve all kinds of repair and replacement needs. 

Auto Glass Installation Tools 

From door clip removers to cleaning brushes, AEGIS's portfolio of auto glass installation tools is a comprehensive collection of necessary products.   

Urethane Tools 

AEGIS urethane cordless guns are light in weight and offer high-performance. With steady material dispensing, the guns run on longer-running batteries. 

Common Tools 

The collection offered by AEGIS includes cone stone bits, cylinder stone bits, flat stone bits, rotary tool kits, screwdrivers, and more for all types of installations and repairs. 

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Setting Things Right 

 AEGIS prides itself on providing the industry with the highest quality products and services at a competitive price. AEGIS has earned the trust of its customers with its efficient tools and repair kits. 


Company Profile 
The first AEGIS Windshield Repair System was invented in the year 1982 by Robert Birkhauser for use by Auto Glass Specialists, Inc. - his family's auto glass installation business headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. While working for the family chain, Birkhausers decided to offer comprehensive auto glass repair systems. Over the years, AEGIS designed innovative glass installation and repair tools and refinements. In 2006, Birkhausers sold Auto Glass Specialists but retained the AEGIS Tools International, Inc. presently, AEGIS Tools International, Inc. works as a family-run business in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. AEGIS offerings are sold worldwide. The company specializes in glass installation tools, custom-configured windshield repair kits, and tools.  

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