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Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a contractor, building a living space requires setting electrical and gas connections. This section consists of a range of electrical and gas supplies that are needed to provide proper connections between equipment and the source. Flexible gas connectors are suited for applications like large water heaters, furnaces, clothes dryers, etc. These are widely used in multi-housing, private, as well as hotels and resorts. With electrical connections, it is often needed to use electrical tools that are beyond the reach of an outlet.

There are a limited number of switchboards in a household or an office, thus it becomes difficult to use many appliances. Extension cords make life easy by providing extended cables for connecting to power sources. Batteries are essential units that are needed by electrical appliances to provide power as well as portability, be it a home or an industry. Many low-drain devices like clocks, flashlights, and remotes are commonly used around the house. We carry high-quality electrical wires & cables, gas ball valves & shut-offs and more. To know more about the products in this section, contact our online experts.

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