Manufacturers and Providers of Vaults and Safes. 



Company Profile  

American Security is the largest and most respected safe manufacturer in the industry. It specializes in developing custom safes to meet specific cash handling requirements for banks, restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and many other industries. The company's engineering and design department is fully staffed and features the most advanced CAD system for the rapid creation of sales drawings, design modifications, and precise manufacturing blueprints.

Today’s “bad guys” are equipped with all the latest technological advancements. What is our response to themAmerican Security integrates modern mechanisms and provide security products that are better equipped to fight them off.


Established in 1946, AMSEC is dedicated to manufacturing highly secure safes. With a product line of over 400 standard models, our safes are the finest in the industry.  


Quality Provider 

For high-grade asset protection, there is only one name you can trust – AMSEC. Made with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, AMSEC security safes are modern and sophisticated.

Burglar and Fire Safes 

We combine high-grade steel walls with fire-resistant materials to manufacture burglary safes, fire safes, and depository safes. Find our burglary safes here.

Floor Safes 

Our floor safes are installed in concrete to ensure maximum protection for all your valuable products, from important documents to jewelry to precious metals and anything more.