Offers a range of solutions for treating water and algae.




Company Profile 

Applied Biochemists offer a range of solutions for the toughest nuisance weeds and algae. Harmful algal blooms in surface water resources can impact livestock, pets, wildlife, and humans. The company has algae control products for "pea soup," planktonic algae, and "string" filamentous algae. It also offers herbicides for controlling nuisance shoreline, floating, and underwater aquatic plants. Applied Biochemists lake and colorants and pond dyes beautify water and can prevent underwater bacteria growth. The company also has bacteria and protein solutions for reducing organic matter in ponds. The company has solutions to almost all water-related problems, be it drinking water, industrial water, irrigation water, or fisheries water.

Applied Biochemists' customer service is a unique and dedicated service center that helps its customers with any queries regarding the products. It connects its customers directly to a trained staff member to clear all their doubts and questions. The brand's team of experts is available to help with projects, big or small. You can get your hands on the range of products from Applied Biochemists here at DK Hardware. 

Water Care for All 

Applied Biochemists' pond and lake management solutions help keep water healthy and usable. Everyone can get assistance from Applied Biochemists, including lake associations, backyard pond owners, expert lake and pond applicators, and water resource managers. The company offers water care solutions to quickly combat invasive aquatic plants, weeds, and hazardous algal blooms that produce toxins. 


Quality Products 

Applied Biochemists strives to be the first choice for dependable, high-quality water management products. It spends significantly on R&D to improve quality, reduce costs, and speed up manufacturing processes. The company's top products include pool filter cleaner, pool clarifier, and algaecide swimtrine.



1400 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway

Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 United States