About ASP, Inc

Offering a wide range of automotive security solutions, including auto ignition locks, lock parts, door locks, keying kits, trunk locks, wireless receiver kits, and more.


ASP A-30-116 Auto Keying Kit

$56.83 /each

ASP A-20-103 Auto Keying Kit

$70.77 /each

ASP P-41-302 Auto Lock Part

$4.88 /each


Company Profile

As a global leader in the trade supply sector, ASP Inc. (Auto Security Products) specializes in providing replacement automotive keys, locks, and lock service parts. With an extensive catalog of over 3,000 lock and key related components, ASP caters to more than 40 different brands of Japanese, Korean, European, and American vehicles. These essential parts, trusted by thousands of locksmiths and auto repair specialists worldwide, ensure reliable security and functionality for vehicles on the road.

Auto Security Products (ASP) specializes in automotive security solutions, offering a wide array of products tailored to meet diverse needs. From auto ignition locks to door lock sets, keying kits, and indicating switches, ASP provides comprehensive options for securing vehicles effectively. Whether it's lock parts, trunk locks, or hardware kits, ASP ensures reliability and quality in every product. Additionally, their wireless receiver kits offer advanced security features, reflecting ASP's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the automotive security industry.
Commitment to Service Excellence 
At Auto Security Products (ASP), exemplary service is at the core of our mission. Our commitment to service begins with helping clients select the right security solutions for their automotive needs, offering expert advice and guidance along the way. Moreover, ASP prioritizes timely delivery and efficient handling of orders, striving to exceed expectations in every aspect of service. With ASP, customers can trust in our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional support and assistance, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted leader in automotive security solutions.
Experience Peace of Mind
Customers can now conveniently access ASP Inc's range of automotive security solutions through DK Hardware. With DK Hardware's platform, shoppers can easily browse and purchase ASP Inc's top-quality products, benefitting from secure transactions, a wide range of options, home delivery, and more. This partnership ensures that clients have seamless access to reliable and trusted security products, providing peace of mind and enhanced vehicle protection.