Baldwin chooses the finest materials and shapes them into functionally appealing hardware. The process begins with cutting raw bars of solid metal. 



The cut metal is then transformed into beautiful hardware through the time-tested technique of forging, in which the hot metal is pounded into a die. The process produces stronger and heavier products. 



The forged product is trimmed using the stamping press to remove extra metal, and another machine is used to smoothen the surface and remove oxidation. 


Baldwin offers its products in over 20 lustrous finishes, ranging from matte to glossy, textured to smooth. The company boasts hardware that goes well with any desired look. 



The final step of production is to thoroughly polish and buff the hardware to remove imperfections and give it a flawless shine. 



Once polished, finished, and detailed, the hardware product is delivered to customers at rocket speed. 

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Quality without Compromise 

Baldwin stands by the sentiment that quality is a virtue that should never be compromised. From using the finest materials to building unique hardware designs, the brand is committed to creating first-class hardware that not only looks impeccable but also sustains the rigors of time. 

Company Profile 

Found by Severin Fayerman in 1946, Baldwin operates as a part of Hardware and Home Improvement (HHI). Having served the industry for over 50 years, the company has a rich tradition of manufacturing delivering top quality, modern products that look and feel very substantial. Known for being the first to forge door hardware out of brass, Baldwin has earned a name for being cutting-edge keyless technology mortise locks and other door hardware.

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