Architectural railing systems can be categorized into four railing types:

  • Cap railing
  • Post railing
  • Standoff railing
  • Frameless railing

CRL manufactures a vast selection of railing kits for commercial and residential projects. The range also consists of hand railing brackets, such as the top-rated, ready-to-install HR15GBS available with three finishes.

Cap Railing

The cap railing systems you can consider for your projects include:

  • Roll formed round stainless steel cap rails with 90 degree or 135 degree horizontal roll formations, round connector sleeves, 7/8'' round roll or stabilizing end caps, and ½'' roll formed or stabilizing end caps. They can be considered for tubing such as the HR15BS98 brushed stainless steel, available in three architectural finishes.
  • Roll formed square stainless steel cap rail systems with 90 degree or 135 degree corners, black rubber inserts, and ½'' form end caps or connector sleeve.
  • Wood cap rails and accessories

Post Railing

CRL's has a comprehensive catalog of post railing systems:

  • P1 Series
  • P1Z Series
  • P2 Series
  • P3 Series
  • P4 Series
  • P5 Series
  • P6 Series
  • P7Z Series round post OR square post kits with glass lamps
  • P8 Series
  • P-Series Top Rail Install Tool Kit

Standoff Railing

The standoff railing catalog from CRL includes”

  • Standoff fitting
  • Cap Assembly
  • Hanger bolts
  • Hex nuts
  • Base and doomed cap
  • Replacement gasket set
  • Threaded rod
  • Head cap screws
  • Adjustable strap wrench

A top-rated product is the RSOB20BS brushed stainless steel glass rail standoff fitting with mounting plate, available in brushed or polished 316 Grade stainless steel finishes.

Another is the B5S10 heavy-duty square base shoe extrusion which is typically used for windscreens or glass railing systems

Frameless Railing

CRL's glass railing systems offer an all-glass frameless look, while the frameless windscreen base shoe system and brackets provide a maintenance-free glass wall. The frameless glass railing system meets the most stringent international code requirements for loads and impacts. As it is dry glazed, you don't have to worry about discoloration, delamination or creep.

For more information on all railing system components and accessories from CRL, please visit this page.