When running any business that handles monetary transactions, it is a logical step to secure it. Most of the time, business runs smoothly, but there is always a potential risk for theft or vandalism to occur.

One of the most important components of business security is a speak-thru, a device usually installed in a transaction window that allows for smooth communication between employees and customers. If you are running a convenience store, bank, ticket booth, concession stand or any other business that requires safe transactions, look no further. This brief blog can guide you to making the right speak-thru purchase.

Common Components of Speak-Thrus

First, let’s go a little more in depth about these products. Virtually every speak-thru is constructed with the following functions:

  • Allows clear communication without raising voice
  • Eliminates drafts/ambient noise
  • Prevents tampering from the outside
  • Works with wired or wireless headsets

These functions work together to ensure business transactions go as smoothly as possible.

Finding the Speak-Thru You Need

While the above functions are features of every speak-thru, most businesses will need more information before making a purchase. To find the speak-thru that best fits your needs, ask yourself:

Does my business have a transaction window that can be cut into?

  • Most speak-thrus are window units that are installed into pre-cut holes. If this is not a viable option, countertop speak-thrus are available that serve the same purpose.

Does my business require extra protection?

  • For buildings that require protection from firearms, optional bullet-resistant speak-thrus go a long way in adding security and protection. Most bullet-resistant speak-thrus are constructed with Level 1 to 3 protection.

For best results, select a product only after conducting a comprehensive security assessment. Investing in building security may seem like a large one-time cost, but it can yield long-term benefits, if done correctly.

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