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About Design Hardware

Manufacturing a broad range of high-quality commercial door hardware for architectural and construction needs.
Company Profile
Design Hardware is a well-established player in the industry, known for its expertise in delivering flexible, competitively priced products tailored to the diverse demands of commercial applications. With a rich history spanning several decades, Design Hardware has earned a reputation as the go-to partner for speed-to-market solutions, offering unwavering support and a wide range of dependable products. Their commitment to exceptional performance and service is now strengthened by their association with dormakaba, a leading name in access control and security. Whether one is a distributor, architect, or involved in residential complexes, Design Hardware stands ready to offer unwavering support throughout the journey.
Design Hardware prides itself on its comprehensive product range, designed to cater to a multitude of requirements. Their offerings include locksets, exit devices, door closers, continuous geared hinges, threshold and weather stripping, electrified hardware, and more. Beyond aesthetics, Design Hardware's products are acclaimed for their professional-grade quality and affordability. Clients who choose Design Hardware can expect products that seamlessly adapt to evolving plans without compromising on quality or value.
Where Functionality Meets Aesthetics
Design Hardware's dedication extends far beyond providing top-notch products; they excel in delivering exceptional services. Their profound understanding of the unique requirements of distributors, architects, and residential complexes is evident in their service approach. Distributors benefit from superior support, competitive pricing, and a versatile product range that empowers them to cater to a wide range of clients and expand their businesses. Architects receive comprehensive support in navigating Division 8 specifications, complete with detailed drawings and technical specifications. Design Hardware provides a flexible range of hardware with finishes and functions that seamlessly align with architects' ever-evolving plans.
Excellence in Commercial Hardware and Services
Design Hardware's commitment to providing high-quality products at competitive prices extends to making their offerings accessible through various platforms, including Amazon. In the realm of residential complexes, where the need for dependable hardware is paramount, Design Hardware stands as a trusted partner. Their products are known for their reliability, ensuring the safety and functionality of communities at scale.
By offering their products on DK Hardware, Design Hardware not only expands their reach but also provides customers with the convenience of e-commerce shopping.