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About Don-Jo

Manufactures Reliable Products for the Architectural Hardware Industry.

Company Profile

Founded in 1980, Don-Jo manufactures and supplies high-quality, reliable products for the architectural hardware industry. From simple bolts to heavy-duty locks, Don-Jo also manufactures reliable products for the locksmith industry. Visit our website for any additional information on our products, including warranties and installation guides.

Hardware for Everything and Everyone 

Don-Jo’s range of architectural hardware includes flush bolts and latches, door stops and holders, door coordinators, filler plates, hinges, kick plates, pivots and much more. Products are available in a complete range of professional finishes to suit all types of architectural projects.

Accessory Hardware 

Don-Jo’s accessory hardware is one of its top product lines, consisting of coat hooks, handrail brackets, window locks, finger pulls, and edge pulls. 


Door Controls 

Don-Jo’s carries an assortment of door stops, latches, and crash chains that stop or control door movement. 


Don-Jo manufactures high-grade door, window, and cabinet hinges, including ball, plain-bearing and electric hinges to ease door movement.

Latch Protectors 

Don-Jo’s latch protectors come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes to protect the door from impact damage.