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About Door Scope

Offering innovative security solutions for doors like security door viewers or peepholes.


Company Profile
Door Scope is a pioneering, innovative, and quality-driven security product company. Our revolutionary and patented product has transformed the conventional peephole, making home security more accessible and efficient. With Door Scope, the days of approaching the door or straining to see visitors through a tiny peephole are over. We're dedicated to enhancing your peace of mind and security with a sharp, clear image of outside visitors, visible from up to seven feet inside your door. With a presence in 36 countries, our commitment to providing reliable and cost-effective security solutions is unwavering.
Door Scope offers two exceptional security door viewers or peepholes. within the Home Security Solutions category: the DS/1000 Model with an ABS plastic body in Charcoal, Brass, and Grey, and the DS/2000 Model with an aluminum body in Gold and Silver. These models provide an impressive 168-degree wide-angle view, delivering clear images of visitors up to seven feet inside your home for quick and reliable identification. With a durable, maintenance-free design, easy installation, and affordability, Door Scope ensures long-lasting security and peace of mind. Available in 36 countries, please note that the actual image appears reversed, enhancing your view and overall security.
Ensuring Security and Peace of Mind 
Door Scope is committed to delivering not only top-notch security products but also a comprehensive range of services to ensure your peace of mind. Our team provides expert installation assistance, simplifying the installation process, while offering comprehensive technical support to address any questions or concerns. With a presence in 36 countries, we extend our reliable security solutions to customers worldwide, offering a global reach for your security needs.

Commitment to Quality
The informative educational resources empower customers with the knowledge and expertise required for proper product usage and maintenance. Door Scope's dedication to delivering cost-effective security solutions without compromising quality ensures affordable security options for all. You can find Door Scope products conveniently at DK Hardware's ecommerce platform, ensuring easy access to these innovative security solutions.