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About Dynabrade

Covers a broad spectrum of industries like metalworking, woodworking, automotive refinishing, aerospace manufacturing, marine fabrication, composite finishing, and general industrial maintenance.
Company Profile
Founded in 1969 by Walter Welsch, Dynabrade began with a single inspired idea: to improve the process of hand-filing metals and other hard surfaces. Walter developed the first Dynafile Abrasive Belt Tool, revolutionizing the task and making it quicker and easier. This entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for Dynabrade’s success. Over the years, the company has continuously upgraded its product offerings through extensive research and development, aligning with market needs and technological advancements. 
Headquartered in Clarence, NY, Dynabrade is committed to quality and innovation. Our product range includes pneumatic power tools, clean air solutions, and a variety of abrasives. We cater to industries that require surface preparation and finishing, offering solutions for nearly any material. With a worldwide network of professional distributors, we ensure quick supply to our customers. Notably, our ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores our commitment to consistent quality and customer satisfaction. Today, Dynabrade is renowned for its excellence and holds a leadership position in designing and manufacturing unique portable pneumatic abrasive power tools, related accessories, and dust collection systems.

Maximize Productivity with Precision Tools and Equipment

Dynabrade presents a comprehensive array of products tailored to diverse industrial needs. From sanding belts and backing pads to vacuum/sander combo kits and HEPA filters, our offerings cater to professionals across various sectors. We also provide contact arm assemblies, gear-driven disc pads, and cylinder sleeves for precise applications. Additionally, our product line includes motor assemblies, muffler assemblies, and drop-in motor repair kits for seamless maintenance. With options like type H drop-in motors and HEPA cartridge filters, along with grounding kits and orbital heads, we ensure comprehensive solutions. Explore our range of random orbital polishers, right angle disc sanders, and angle-head rotary buffers for efficient finishing. For precision tasks, rely on our mini-Dynorbital sanders and other specialized tools, all crafted to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Your Success, Our Commitment

At Dynabrade, service isn't just a word; it's a commitment ingrained in everything we do. We understand that our customers rely on us not only for top-quality products but also for unparalleled support throughout their journey. Our dedicated service team is always ready to assist, whether it's offering personalized advice, troubleshooting assistance, or guidance on product selection. We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, striving to exceed expectations with every interaction. With Dynabrade, you're not just purchasing products; you're gaining a trusted partner dedicated to your success.

Secure Transactions, Trusted Brands

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