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Providing diverse products for manufacturing, construction, automotive, metalworking, welding, fabrication, electrical, maintenance and repair, aerospace, shipbuilding, plumbing, and more.
Company Profile
Since 1932, Forney Industries has pioneered innovations in welding and metalworking, from the first instant-heat soldering iron to the first publicly available arc welder. Today, with nearly a century of expertise, Forney offers a wide range of metalworking products across welding, abrasives, personal protective equipment (PPE), and shop tools.
With a vast customer network of nearly 20,000 businesses spanning automotive aftermarket, hardware, farm & ranch, do-it-yourself, and industrial sectors, Forney Industries remains committed to excellence. Led by the third and fourth generations, the company continues to prioritize customer satisfaction while fostering a culture of innovation, authenticity, and employee engagement.
Forney Industries stands as a stalwart in the industrial realm, boasting a vast portfolio designed to meet the unique demands of numerous sectors. With a commitment to excellence, Forney caters to an extensive array of industries, including manufacturing, construction, automotive, metalworking, welding and fabrication, electrical, maintenance and repair, aerospace, shipbuilding, plumbing and pipefitting, woodworking, painting and coating, electronics, engineering, and industrial maintenance. Each industry relies on Forney's comprehensive range of products to facilitate efficiency, precision, and reliability in their operations.

Unwavering Commitment to Service

At Forney Industries, service is more than just a promise; it's a commitment deeply ingrained in our company ethos. Our dedicated team prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else, striving to exceed expectations at every turn. With a focus on building long-lasting relationships built on trust and reliability, we aim to be more than just a supplier; we strive to be a partner our customers can depend on. With Forney, exceptional service isn't just a goal—it's our standard.

Enhancing Project Efficiency

Through DK Hardware's streamlined ordering and delivery platform, customers can anticipate swift and dependable service, ensuring timely receipt of the essential tools for their projects. This partnership empowers customers with convenience and reliability, reaffirming our commitment to delivering top-notch service and products to meet their needs efficiently.