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Manufacturer of high-quality metal framing, welded channels, grip lock nuts, clamps, baseboard heating, and rooftop support systems for a variety of industries.
Company Profile
Haydon Corp is dedicated to changing the construction industry with fresh ideas and an unwavering commitment to doing things well. The company's journey began with a pioneering spirit and a culture focused on rethinking how construction works. From the beginning, Haydon Corp embraced the challenge of creating a future where reliability, safety, and quality in metal framing and rooftop support systems take center stage.
This commitment to doing things exceptionally well is guided by some core principles. Haydon Corp loves finding new and better ways to deal with the complexities of construction, which they call innovation. Quality is extremely important to the company, and they make sure that every product with the Haydon Corp name is top-notch. Safety is at the heart of what Haydon Corp does; they go above and beyond to make sure that projects are both successful and safe. Reliability is Haydon Corp's rock-solid reputation, and customers can always count on the company to be consistent.
Haydon Baseboard Heating
Haydon Corp is a leading provider of construction products that embody quality, strength, and innovation. From foundational welded channel to reliable grip lock nuts and versatile clamps, Haydon Corp’s products cater to diverse construction needs. Post bases symbolize stability, while specialty fittings fuel innovation, and brackets harmonize strength and elegance. Safety and quality are paramount in Haydon Corp’s electrical solutions, and concrete inserts and accessories ensure structural durability. Rooftop supports provide resilience, and baseboard heating solutions offer quick and easy installation. Lastly, Haydon Corp’s rooftop accessories transform rooftops into functional spaces, reflecting their commitment to excellence in the construction industry.

Innovative Solutions for All Industries

Haydon Corp is a leading provider of metal framing and rooftop support systems for a wide range of industries, including mechanical, electrical, seismic, and data centers. Its products are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by each industry, and it offers a variety of services to support your project from start to finish.

Quality and safety are at the forefront of everything Haydon Corp does. Its H-Strut metal framing systems are UL-listed and meet all industry standards and requirements. Haydon Corp also offers specialized products such as seismic hinge connectors for essential facilities. For data centers, it provides support systems that meet the highest standards for reliability and performance.

Commitment to Quality

Haydon Corp is committed to helping its customers succeed. It offers a variety of services, including engineering support, project management, and installation assistance. Haydon Corp is also proud to be a UL-listed manufacturer, which means its products exceed all ASTM requirements. Haydon Corp products are available on DK Hardware ecommerce website. These products can also be bought in bulk, along with over a million other products.