Company Profile

H&S Autoshot manufactures the highest-grade dent pullers and hand tools. The company designs and manufactures stud welding dent pulling systems, spot welding tools, hand tools, and equipment for the auto body repair industry. Its primary office is 49 Mountainview Road, North Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 4J7 Canada. The brand makes products that are dependable, innovative, and user-friendly. At H&S Autoshot, the brand considers its final test of quality complete consumer satisfaction.

“Pride in one's self,” “pride in one's company,” “pride in success,” and its place in the community are the qualities H&S Autoshot embraces. The brand has embraced a team of professionals to design and build quality products and deliver superior service at a cost that is both competitive and profitable. Find a range of H&S Autoshot products here at DK Hardware.

When it All Began

H&S Autoshot began its operations 50 years ago in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. As the company grew, it expanded in the U.S. moving into its new distribution center located in Mooresville, NC.


The Start

The Uni-Spotter stud welder was an original pioneer of stud welders in the auto body industry. Since then, it has grown to be the industry standard and sets the criteria for all other stud welding technology.

Market Share

Brand awareness, market share, and product placement in distribution channels are the characteristics of H&S Autoshot’s ongoing success. With commitment through new product development and the application of company resources, the brand holds a unique position in the refinish market.


Our Products

The brand has manufactured some of the best products for the auto body repair industry. The brand has Uni-spotterpulling stud, bridgepuller, plasmacutter, to name a few.