Keystone approached the lighting industry differently to see the world differently. Over 70 years of expertise, and thousands of hours of research, the brand has evolved to provide innovative customer solutions. You can find a whole range of products from Keystone Technologies here. 

Company Profile

Founded 75 years ago by Marvin Spielman and Harold Fox, Keystone Technologies is a world-renowned manufacturer with a singular focus on manufacturing ballasts and transformers. When fluorescent lighting became popular, Keystone technologies worked towards getting energy-efficient ballasts and transformers. With several years of expertise, Keystone quickly developed high-quality drivers for a wide variety of applications for LED drivers. Soon after this, the brand started producing its modules and Light Engines for various OEM accounts.  

A One-Stop-Shop   

Keystone Technologies focuses on providing convenience and efficiency with every product manufactured for the customers. Consumers can count on Keystone technologies for the highest quality and reliability, whether LED lamps, drivers, HID fluorescent, or ballasts.    

Lighting Solutions for over 70 Years   

Founded 70 years ago from now, the company started with two visions to become an expert in manufacturing ballasts and transformers and providing outstanding service to their customers. With a focused vision for upcoming challenges, the brand evolves with changing demands.   

Committed to The Legacy   

Throughout the years of providing the highest quality of products for the consumers, Keystone Technologies is still committed to the legacy followed by the company's ancestors. Recently, the company saw immediate success after the launch of both SmartDrive and DirectDrive technologies.   

Significant Growth   

With the growing demand for LED drivers, the brand took a giant leap toward producing customized LED systems to meet individual customers' needs. The company becomes a primary supplier for various OEM accounts with this step. These products are Metal Halide Replacement Ballast Kit, Electronic Fluorescent Replacement Ballast, Preheat Electromagnetic Fluorescent Replacement Ballast, and Temporary High Bay