About MEC

Providing a range of propane and gas industry products, including regulators, valves, connectors, hoses, and safety equipment.
Company Profile
Marshall Excelsior Company has been a trusted name in the propane and gas industry for decades. Founded on a commitment to innovation, safety, and quality, we have evolved into a leading manufacturer of products that serve a wide range of applications in the propane and gas markets. With a heritage of engineering excellence, we take pride in providing cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed industry standards. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and industry-leading expertise has made us a reliable partner for customers across the globe.
Marshall Excelsior offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products tailored to the propane and gas industry. Our product line includes state-of-the-art propane regulators designed for optimal safety and performance. We manufacture gas valves, connectors, and fittings that ensure precision and reliability in gas distribution. In addition, our extensive portfolio encompasses cylinder valves, propane fittings, RV and camping equipment, Propane safety products, cylinders and tanks, LP gas hoses, and hose assemblies, making us a one-stop shop for all your propane needs. We also offer a selection of cylinder equipment, accessories, and propane safety products designed to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. Whether you're in the RV and camping sector, commercial and industrial applications, or LPG dispensing, our products are engineered to deliver exceptional results.

Comprehensive Customer Support Services

Marshall Excelsior, renowned for their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, extends their commitment far beyond the realm of exceptional products. Their services offer invaluable support to clients in various capacities. With a highly knowledgeable team at their core, they ensure swift and precise responses to questions and concerns, providing technical support that guarantees customer needs are met. Furthermore, Marshall Excelsior offers custom engineering and design services, tailoring solutions to meet specific requirements and ensuring seamless integration with client operations.

Commitment to Industry Compliance

Marshall Excelsior's global distribution network ensures that clients can conveniently access their products and services from virtually anywhere. This commitment to accessibility is matched by a dedication to safety, exemplified by comprehensive training programs and resources. These resources empower clients to stay informed and compliant with the latest industry regulations. Beyond being a trusted provider of top-tier products, Marshall Excelsior stands as a reliable partner on the journey to success in the propane and gas industry for their customers.

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