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While shifting to a new house or doing a small renovation of the same, you are likely to find large Read more


While shifting to a new house or doing a small renovation of the same, you are likely to find large and small holes that might look very odd. To fill up these holes, you will need drywall patching supplies that can be handled easily and proves to be an effective solution to your mini wall repair. Apart from Filler Sand, you will find Drywall Patch which is like a mesh and is very effective to fill the large dent or bird holes in the walls. You can even fill up your split AC pipeline ducts if that is not in use anymore. An entire Wall Repair Kit is available at a very pocket-friendly price along with a detailed guide to make sure you do it properly without any extra set of hands by your side.

You get to choose from a large variety of products like Epoxy Wall Putty, Concrete Compound for patching, Galvanized Steel Patch Mesh, and Plaster of Paris which are perfect requirements for doing all types of wall repair. A Crack Repair Sealant comes in a tube form that can be easily applied over the surface without messing up with the chemical. These materials are not only for wall repair but also for plastic, fiberglass, PVC, and much more. The filler, after drying or setting, can be drilled again in case you wish to have small nail pops there. For the bulk requirement of these chemicals and fillers, you can submit a quote to us and we will be fulfilling it at the earliest.

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DAP 10308 4 lbs. Plaster of Paris
$12.51 / Each
3M FPP-KIT 12 fl. oz. Large Hole Wall Repair Kit
$28.81 / Each
J-B Weld 8277 2 oz. Waterweld
$9.30 / Each
DAP 10102 12 lb. Wallboard Joint Compound-Ready to Use
$14.50 / Each
DAP 10466 5 lbs. Gray Concrete Patcher and Resurfacer
$10.88 / Each
Road Rescue AP-50 50 lbs. Asphalt Repair
$33.22 / Each
DAP 63050 25 lb. Webpatch 90 Floor Leveler
$21.76 / Each
DAP 10312 25 lbs. White Dry Mix Plaster of Paris
$28.48 / Each
Perma-Patch PP-60-C 60 lbs. Asphalt Repair
$38.90 / Each
HENRY 12158 547 25 lbs. Universal Patch and Skimcoat
$46.57 / Bag
HENRY 12163 549 7 lbs. Feather Finish Patch and Skimcoat
$120.62 / Case
HENRY 12064 345 1 Gal. Premixed Patch and Level
$171.28 / Case
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