About Rust-Oleum Corporation

Manufactures Protective Paints and Coatings for home and industrial use.

Company Profile

Rust-Oleum is a manufacturer of protective paints and coatings for home and industrial use. From Asia to Australia and back, you can trust Rust-Oleum for solutions that work. 

We are a company of solution makers continuing to innovate through all times. We celebrate associates throughout our organization for their hard work, ingenuity, and passion. Find a range of products from Rust-Oleum here at DK Hardware.

Global Presence  

Our products are used and appreciated by our customers all over the world. Our international operations meet the customer's demands, no matter how big or small. 


Reducing Footprint  

We constantly evaluate our operations to implement environmentally friendly practices that eliminate waste, lower energy consumption, and reduce our environmental footprint. 

Great Workplace  

We give creative freedom to our employees and ensure a great place to work and thrive. Our company is the leading manufacturer of premium consumer and industrial paint and coating products.  


Innovation Driven  

We are committed to responsibly innovate, develop, and manufacture our products to reduce our environmental impact. 



11 Hawthorn Parkway

Vernon Hills, Illinois 60061 United States


+1 877-385-8155