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Considering the number of fire accidents that have taken a toll on public places, it is important to keep your Read more


Considering the number of fire accidents that have taken a toll on public places, it is important to keep your building safe from all the corners. In offices, where concealed cabins and noise-free conference rooms are there, it becomes difficult to pass on the message during an emergency situation. The most trusted device, in this case, is a fire alarm that rings with sufficiently high volume to intimate everybody on that particular floor about the situation. These devices must be installed in all possible places including the restroom areas to ensure the safety of every visitor. Most of the public places such as shopping complex, government hospitals, and event venues have these devices actively present to detect any type of smoke or fire.

You will find more than 70 options to choose from and we have sourced the best quality safety devices for you to invest in. These are hardwired devices that do not lose connection due to minor short circuits and they are extremely easy to install in every corner of the floor. The smart alarm technology incorporated in these devices not only detect the slightest of the smoke but also remain tamper-proof throughout its service. You will find no battery chirp sounds to give false signals to people and deactivation switches are also installed along with these to switch off the alarm in case of fire drill situation. We have devices that come with a solid battery back-up and also the ones that have 10 years of durability. To know more details about the products, kindly reach out to our customer executives through chat.

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Home Safeguard Industries 25S SMOKE TEST KIT 2.5 OZ
$16.60 / Each
BRK Brands HD6135FB 120-Volt Hardwired Rate-of-Rise Heat Alarm
$36.98 / Each
BRK Brands RM4 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Relay Module
$34.68 / Each
BRK Brands ADF-12 Smoke Alarm Compatible Adapter Plug
$39.31 / Each
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